Friday, February 1, 2008

We're here!

We are in Guatemala! We got in around 11:00 last night and to SEMILLA - the seminary we're staying until tomorrow evening - around 12:00.
Our flights got switched around in Minneapolis which made life a little crazy. We were originally going to leave at 2:45, but due to a weather system got put onto a flight on a different airline which was boarding at 1:00. It was a very complicated process of getting checked in, and some group members barely made it to the gate before boarding. A few of our group members didn't even have seats on the flight, and had to wait until the final boarding call. Fortunately we all made it on the flight. We were in Houston for 2 hours before boarding for our Guatemala flight. We ended up leaving a little late, and hit a big patch of turbulence for about an hour of the flight. Once we got in, going through customs was no problem, but 16 of our bags did not come in. I was one of the lucky ones and got my bags, but others were without everything. They just arrived now, and everything is now in the country.

This afternoon we toured the national cemetry, and got a look (and wiff) of the city land fill. It was all very intersting, and I hope to get a chance to write about it in another post.

That's about it for now!
I love and miss you!

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