Thursday, February 14, 2008


We’re living in Antigua until April 27th. Since we’re here so long, we were finally able to unpack our stuff. It’s so nice not to be living out of a suitcase! While here we’re going to Central Linguistico Maya. We have one on one instruction, four hours a day, five days a week, for four weeks. After this session we’ll ride a chicken bus to and from our ministry sites for a week, then SPRING BREAK, then another week of service. During April we’ll have our second four week session at the language school.
I’m currently taking Advanced Oral Communication, so I basically converse and read outloud during my time at school. I can already feel myself improving, even though it’s been less than a week. We have seven presentations to do during these four weeks, so it should be pretty fun....
Home and city life here is completely different. First of all, it’s a city full of tourists and people learning Spanish – it’s strange not being the only Gringos in town! We’re at a boarding house, with other language students, and several Guatemalan girls attending private school on scholarship. Our room is huge in comparison to our Magdalena room. Our beds are full mattresses, and comfy. It’s definitely different, but really wonderful. There’s a beautiful blooming courtyard in the middle of the house (we’re on second floor), and an amazing view of the mountains over the rooftops. Antigua is surrounded by mountains, and is also very close to three volcanoes – two of which are active. Volcano Agua is to the south, and is the closest one. Thankfully it’s inactive. The other two are to the west, and far enough away that they aren’t too much of a risk to the city. I don't have too many pictures yet... but I will eventually! All the ones on this post are of our house.

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