Thursday, February 14, 2008


Magdalena is a pueblo in the mountains of 18.000 people. It feels much smaller though, because it is very spread out and where we live, rather poor. It's an amazing town, and there aren't many other Gringos besides our team when we're living there.
When we got up to Magdalena we met our host families and went to our houses. My host mom carried my giant 47 lb duffel on her head up hill to the house and up the extremely narrow stairs to our room! Our family is incredibly sweet and compassionate. Our parents are a little older with several kids and 10 grandchildren. A few of the grandchildren and one of the daughters know some English so that was a very nice ice-breaker into the life here in their house. Outside our room there was a huge sign that says “Welcome to Home…” Our room is split with a curtain, the smaller half with a chair and wardrobe and the larger half with two twin beds and a small table. We have our own little roof off our room, which is so fun to go out and hang out on while basking in the sun and the beautiful mountains. Below are pictures of our room, and the view from our roof!

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