Friday, April 25, 2008

Details about Tikal

Here are my journal entries from our 2 day vacation to the north of Guatemala.

Day 73 – 4/12:

What a day! It started at 3:50 – we got ready in 10 minutes since it was so early. The shuttle came right around 4, but we couldn’t get out! We didn’t have our keys, but luckily our host mom woke up to the doorbell and let us out.

We rode with ½ the group to the airport (more like a tiny little hanger) – a 45 minutes windy ride. I felt the car sickness once we got there, and eventually got sick. I felt better afterwards so I passed out suckers to the group and only told a few people that needed to know.

We boarded 2 different planes (they were THAT SMALL) around 6:15 and took off right away. The plane I was in was an orange vial, 19 seat, tiny thing. We had full view of the pilots, so I taped take off. The other plane passed us in the sky so everyone was already there when we arrived an hour later. I bought a Sprite and soon we loaded up a bus, equipped with middle isle jumpseats, and went on our way with Eric, our guide.

In an hour we got to Tikal. We started at the tourist center, then walked looking at nature and stuff before hitting up the ruins. We heard the howler monkeys while walking, but didn’t see them. The first ruin we went to was an old bath area, then the central area with a cemetery, Temple I and II, and other ruins. We were able to climb Temple II. We hiked a bit more the V – it was a near vertical climb to the top! We hiked a lot more to IV – the tallest one, currently being restored. While hiking to the park’s restaurant we ran into 2 spider monkeys playing in the trees! Yay! We ate lunch – soup, grilled chicken, veggies, rice, tortillas, and fruit – then loaded the bus and drove for an hour to our hotel. We were all exhausted so fell asleep.

Our hotel was on the island of Flores. It’s beautiful. We hung out a bit, then, after buying water, went to Capitan Tortuga – a pizza parlor type restaurant. I just got lemonade and ate the toppings of 1 slice. We got ice cream afterwards. We relaxed after dinner, and I eventually unintentionally fell asleep.

Day 74 – 4/13:

Again, what a day! I “got up” at 7:15 like every other day down here, but stayed in bed until 8:30. We got ready to face the world then went down for breakfast – tomato, onions, and peppers in scrambled eggs with plantains, beans, coffee, juice, and a hairy sausage which I avoided.

Rachel and I explored before Bible study. We studied Timothy for ½ and hour, then went swimming in the lake (that later caused our hospitalization) and checked out of our hotel rooms.

Rachel and I went to Cool Beans CafĂ© for lunch. I got coffee with ice cream, eggs, and potatoes. Yummy. We explored and relaxed until leaving at 3:30. *Observation – it was 40˚C inside, which was much cooler than it felt outside. We’re guessing it was close to 50˚C.* We boarded the same plane and left. Rachel and I did the crossword puzzle (in Spanish) until we hit clouds then landed. We drove back and I had snacks in my room for dinner. We crashed early, to say the least.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dad's Visit

My dad came to visit me. It was perfect timing, as I got out of the hospital the day he came.
Here's a slide show he made!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Dear friends,

The reason why I have not updated my Tikal post is because 14/20 of our team ended up in the hospital, myself included. The doctor believes we contracted something from the lake we swam in.

I got a bacterial infection and parasites. When I went in I was shock because my blood pressure was low (80/60) and my fever was high (102), and was not doing well.

Afer 4000ml of fluids, 4 rounds of antibiotics, and other drugs I was dismissed after 2 days.

Just my direct roommate is left in the hospital, with a UTI in addition to bacterial infection and parasites. Not fun, so pray for her. Tonight will be her 4th night there if she is not dismissed this afternoon. --- Update from later in the day. Abbey was able to get out, but is still receiving daily injections from the doctor and is not feeling at all normal.

I hope you weren't worried, and that your doing 10 x's better than we are!

My dad is here taking care of me until Monday (it was already planned that he would come, it just happened to be when we were sick).

That's all. I may find the energy next week after catching up from the 4 days of school I missed to write about Tikal.

I love and miss you!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Wild Monkeys, Ancient Ruins, and Much More!

Yep, I saw that stuff this weekend. I'll eventually have the energy to write about it...
for now here are some pictures and a VERY EXCITING video!

This was our very TINY airplane. It was not safe, but we lived.

This is the national tree of Guatemala - it reminded us of Dr. Seuss.

These were the 3 rules of the park - self-explanitory, or maybe not?
Central Plaza of the Mayan Ruins.
View from Temple II
On Temple II
Hanging out in the ruins of the Central Plaza.
The climb of Temple V - the hardest one, because it's pretty much vertical. Fun.

View from Temple V.
On top of the highest Temple of Mayan Civilization - Temple IV.

View from Temple IV.



The architecture of the Island of Flores was beautiful.

Self-portrait at Cool Beans Cafe on the island.

The amazing view from my hotel room.

Yep, it was incredible.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

An update on life in general

So, I haven't updated in a while...

That's because life has been crazy for the past two weeks!

It was rough getting back into the swing of ministry sites after Spring Break, then the majority of our team hit the culture shock wall, which lasted about a week. We started language school in the midst of this, which made life even crazier. To add to it all, my roommate and I had to gut our room and wash EVERYTHING (it cost Q280 for all of our stuff, which is around $35) due to an invasion of bed bugs and microscopic mites. Gross.

But, it's finally the weekend and we have time to do nothing! I don't have any new pictures since the last post, but plan on taking some today as we wander around Antigua amlessly!

It feels wonderful to not have a plan, or bugs crawling all over my skin.

I hope all is well, and would love to hear some news from back in the States!

OH! One thing I forgot to mention! Yesterday I was woken up at 6:12 AM by a small earthquake! I didn't think much of the shaking room and went back to sleep. Later in the day I found out there was a 4.8 size earthquake with the epicenter just 30 miles away. Neat!