Monday, April 14, 2008

Wild Monkeys, Ancient Ruins, and Much More!

Yep, I saw that stuff this weekend. I'll eventually have the energy to write about it...
for now here are some pictures and a VERY EXCITING video!

This was our very TINY airplane. It was not safe, but we lived.

This is the national tree of Guatemala - it reminded us of Dr. Seuss.

These were the 3 rules of the park - self-explanitory, or maybe not?
Central Plaza of the Mayan Ruins.
View from Temple II
On Temple II
Hanging out in the ruins of the Central Plaza.
The climb of Temple V - the hardest one, because it's pretty much vertical. Fun.

View from Temple V.
On top of the highest Temple of Mayan Civilization - Temple IV.

View from Temple IV.



The architecture of the Island of Flores was beautiful.

Self-portrait at Cool Beans Cafe on the island.

The amazing view from my hotel room.

Yep, it was incredible.

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N. R. said...

hey! i have some of those same panoramas! :O