Saturday, April 19, 2008


Dear friends,

The reason why I have not updated my Tikal post is because 14/20 of our team ended up in the hospital, myself included. The doctor believes we contracted something from the lake we swam in.

I got a bacterial infection and parasites. When I went in I was shock because my blood pressure was low (80/60) and my fever was high (102), and was not doing well.

Afer 4000ml of fluids, 4 rounds of antibiotics, and other drugs I was dismissed after 2 days.

Just my direct roommate is left in the hospital, with a UTI in addition to bacterial infection and parasites. Not fun, so pray for her. Tonight will be her 4th night there if she is not dismissed this afternoon. --- Update from later in the day. Abbey was able to get out, but is still receiving daily injections from the doctor and is not feeling at all normal.

I hope you weren't worried, and that your doing 10 x's better than we are!

My dad is here taking care of me until Monday (it was already planned that he would come, it just happened to be when we were sick).

That's all. I may find the energy next week after catching up from the 4 days of school I missed to write about Tikal.

I love and miss you!

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