Saturday, April 5, 2008

An update on life in general

So, I haven't updated in a while...

That's because life has been crazy for the past two weeks!

It was rough getting back into the swing of ministry sites after Spring Break, then the majority of our team hit the culture shock wall, which lasted about a week. We started language school in the midst of this, which made life even crazier. To add to it all, my roommate and I had to gut our room and wash EVERYTHING (it cost Q280 for all of our stuff, which is around $35) due to an invasion of bed bugs and microscopic mites. Gross.

But, it's finally the weekend and we have time to do nothing! I don't have any new pictures since the last post, but plan on taking some today as we wander around Antigua amlessly!

It feels wonderful to not have a plan, or bugs crawling all over my skin.

I hope all is well, and would love to hear some news from back in the States!

OH! One thing I forgot to mention! Yesterday I was woken up at 6:12 AM by a small earthquake! I didn't think much of the shaking room and went back to sleep. Later in the day I found out there was a 4.8 size earthquake with the epicenter just 30 miles away. Neat!

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